Emerson has all the necessary skilled staff to custom design, finish and install your next project, not only on time, but also on budget. Scroll below to browse our work...

Framing systems

Custom-built, or off-the-shelf, we can supply a framing system perfectly suited for any application.


Laser cutting, seams, hems, grommets, Velcro®, pockets; our in-house sewing department can finish your project to your precise specifications.


Emerson can custom design and build a light box to virtually any specification giving you the “WOW” factor you’re looking for.

Light boxes have a variety of uses including advertising, retail displays and trade shows. Either wall-mounted, or freestanding, these light boxes are lit with your choice of traditional lighting systems, (T5 compact fluorescents), or environmentally friendly low wattage LEDs. With only a 4” thick profile, light boxes don’t take up a lot of space and are easily transported in standard shipping tubes.


LED is an environmentally friendly, cost-efficient source of light. LEDs benefit from using less electricity, having high intensity whiter light and producing virtually no heat (which can damage fabric). LEDs have 50,000 hours or more of useful life and outshine fluorescents (10,000 hours) and incandescents (1,000 hours). Your vision can be backlit practically indefinitely.